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Top 10 resorts to be checked Chikmagalur

Java Rain Resort

Chikmagalur has many resorts and most of them fulfill traveling expectations and enjoy the city, soaked in the sensory smell of coffee, and surrounded by sceneries of mountains of the Baba Budana Giri.


A number of milky waterfalls wash off this mist-laden hill district. Moreover, the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a wide species of flora and fauna. This parking is not only a refuge for wildlife and nature, but is also a breeding ground for activities such as climbing, trekking, and so on.


Chikmagalur Resorts Compressive List


In Chikmagalur, there are many resorts offering international facilities. Here are the top 10 resorts in Chikmagalur.


  1. Thippanahalli Homestay


This fine red bungalow is a testament to the wealth of heritage and history. The objects, luminaires, steeper, pounds, and antique furniture gathered over five generations were presented in the building built in the year 1934 by Aralugupe Chandregowda, proudly showcasing rural paintings. The beautifully landscaped garden which houses a cactus-tree of life-size is another highlight of this heritage bungalow.


  1. Java Rain Resort


The Java Rain Resort is just for you when you look for luxury among the scent of coffee plantations. This Swanky resort has outstanding architecture, the chicest interiors, and modern amenities, built upon a coffee plantation overlooking the Mullayangiry Mountains.


  1. Flameback Lodges


Flameback Lodges luxuries amidst greenery and offers modern conveniences, elegant décor, and a cool interior.


  1. Eagle Eye Holiday Home


The Eagle Eye Holiday Home is truly named and strategic for an adorable view of the spectacular Kudremukh. It is spread over 130 hectares of fresh greenery among coffee plantations, spice farms, and orchid gardens. The resort offers an ideal combination of ecotourism and adventure.


Eagle Eye’s beautiful Tree House is a special selling point. Built entirely with wood and bamboo, this 750 sq ft. TreeHouse features a pantry, a bedroom, and a toilet. They are so built that the house gives the whole valley a roundabout view. The Tree House nonetheless provides a pastoral sensation.


  1. The Serai Resort


The Resort Serai provides a cool getaway from urban activity to a calm environment and at the same time serves magnificent luxuries. It is a unique destination that mixes nature and luxury seamlessly.


A coffee-inspired resort that fuses seamlessly with the nature of its soft architecture and minimalistic interiors.


  1. River Tern Lodge


The River Tern Lodge, located on a hillock, a stone’s throw from the Bhadra Tiger Reserve, is a camping village that brings peace and quiet together with wildlife thrill. While river backwaters’ unbounded greenery and lapping music provide an experience of healing, sightseeing on the nearby Reserva is bound to excite gaurs, bears, leopards, crocodiles, elephants, herrings, and more than two thousand species of birds.


  1. Taj Gateway Resort


The Taj Gateway Resort provides an unforgettable experience on the lap of nature as an excellent example of colonial architecture, modern productivity, and the scenic view of coffee plantations. Think of opulent luxury and among the top is the Taj Gateway.


  1. Silent Valley Resort


The Silent Valley Resort has a beautiful location at the foot of the Kuduremukha Forest Reserve, surrounded by lush pastures, paddy and Areca fields, sparkling cascades, deep green forests, and lush mountains with rivers and rivers.


The resort serves both business and leisure visitors with eclectic facilities and amenities.


  1. The Coffee Bean Stay


If you’re looking for a quintessential coffee plantation experience and you’re more charmed with old-school styles, Coffee Bean Stay is the right choice for you. Located in the Western Ghats, in the Chandra Drona mountains, the Coffee Bean offers a delicious stay in a colonial-era heritage bungalow, surrounded by coffee, garden, and stunning mountains. One can only enjoy the greenery and simplicity and classicism in the architecture, indoors, and other subtle characteristics.


  1. The Last Resort


The Last Resort has the best deal for you when it comes to smart pricing, ease of access to famous sights in Chikmagalur, a peaceful location, comfortable stays, and adventure activities. Located on the foothills of the magnificent Mountain of Kemmanagundi, the resort has rolling farms. Furthermore, the resort’s tailor-made tropical garden full of ferns, fruit, flowers, and trees and immediately serves on your plates a hot eco-tourism destination.

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