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Is Centurylink’s internet speed affordable to use? 


CenturyLink is a technology and telecommunications company, and it offers an array of services to customers around the globe. In the U.S., CenturyLink is best-known for providing high-speed internet, TV, and phone services to residential customers, and it provides telecommunication services for business customers. In addition to offering broadband access through digital subscriber lines (DSL), Centurylink internet speed is also continually expanding its fiber-optic network.

Plans of Centurylink Internet

CenturyLink has two significant plans: a DSL service known as CenturyLink Internet and the Fiber Gigabit plan. Both are month-to-month, so no long-term deal is required. This is always an advantage, and if clients wish to terminate, they don’t care about termination charges. Choosing a fiber plan is almost always safer, as it is much quicker and more secure. The more economical DSL plan is what households that only have minimal internet need to do.

In general, its DSL service was 36 milliseconds of latency according to FCC results (ms). In practical words, it suggests that gamers can be more laggard than most internet networks would expect during gaming. Our top pick, Verizon, for example, was 12 ms latency. The average packet loss of 0-1% was also suitable for DSL providers for CenturyLink. What does that say is that you will often wiggle in your Skype talks or video conferences.

Plan 1: Basic Internet use only for a few appliances

The DSL CenturyLink plan has a maximum bandwidth of 100 Mbps (megabits per second), but customers do not guarantee the exact speed. For example, if you can only get 40 Mbps, the price is still the same. CenturyLink reports ten songs are downloaded for 3.2 seconds at maximum speed, and 500 Mbps are pulled for games for 40 seconds. The good thing is that as long as you are a client, you will keep the plan’s pace, which does not lead to a surprising price increase.

Plan 2: Many users with high broadband

You can download and upload up to the 940 Mbps limit via its fiber gigabit plan if you are located in CenturyLink’s fiber optics coverage area. This package does not include the DSL price lock, but you will sometimes get a free modem and some coupons to add. Once again, top speed is not guaranteed, but if you have, CenturyLink states that in less than a second, you can download 20 images while players can download 500 Mbps of data in four seconds.

Tips for correct speed test reports for CenturyLink

There are a few precautions before you start the test to ensure that it is correct. The examination does not include these measures.

  1. Connect your device with an Ethernet cable directly to the modem. You were using the cable Cat5e, Cat6, or Cat7 Ethernet for the best performance if your Broadband plan announces speeds of over 100 Mbps.
  2. Disconnect all other internet users. This includes any computer, like smartphones, laptops, smart televisions, Wi-Fi cameras, that could be connected to your Wi-Fi network. These devices can use bandwidth and interfere with your test results, even when you don’t use them actively.
  3. Close any apps or web pages on your computer using up bandwidth, such as video and music streaming apps or sites.

What do I need for the Internet service CenturyLink?

  1. The best machinery: You may need a CenturyLink modem for DSL service or an official company list. No other device is usually required because it operates through the entire telephone line.
  2. Another fiber setup: You will have to have an Optical Terminal network in or out of your house to use fiber-internet in addition to a modem/router. It is possible that a technician would have to visit the facility.

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