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9 Chikmagalur places to visit

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Chikmagalur is a treasure chest of rainforests, coffee estates and rolling mountain tops, and a hill resort with stunning views. The classic definition of a principal tourist destination in Karnataka’s ‘coffee land’ is found on each tourist’s map.


There are some amazing spots in Chiqumagalur, from unknown pits to offbeat wildlife sanctuaries, that paint a picture of a wonderland as soon as you pack your sack and follow your steps to South India’s ‘Land of a younger daughter.’


  1. Baba Budangiri


Baba Budangiri is an honorable Hindu and Muslim pilgrimage site in Baba Budan. The hills of the Sufi St. Hazrat Dada Hayat Khalandar, also known as Baba Budan, are renowned because they were built in the 16th century. The holy hills are now called Dattapeeta Cave but in ancient times they were called Chandra Drona Parvatha.


  1. Coffee Museum


The Coffee Museum is an initiative of an Indian coffee board and it represents an aromatic journey from coffee to coffee brewers. The only reason for creating this museum is to showcase the history of one of the most popular drinks in the world.


The coffee production process is very complex. So, you’ll know a lot more from pick-up, drying, and roasting to grinding the coffee beans once you enter these doors. Tucked away in the green gardens of a coffee encyclopedia, you’ll find a staircase. The documentary in this museum will attract you to coffee with the team and teach you something about the coffee beverage.


  1. Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary


Bhadra’s wildlife refuge is a protected area surrounded on all sides by majestic western Ghats’ hills, tucked in the picturesque hills of Chikmagalur. Through this sanctuary, the quiet river Bhadra gives a name to this home of dense forests and mountain pastures. These 490 km has is split into two Lakkavali and Muthodi reserves for lovers of wildlife.


Travelers are planning a visit to the exotic variety of flora and fauna in the exotic green Bhadra wildlife sanctuary. This place is a treat for all animal photographers because it can take amazing images of tigers, mouse wild hawks, slim lorries, giant Malabar squirrel, etc. This place is a delight.


  1. Mullayangiri


In a list of camping stories, the mystery of Karnataka’s highest peak has its place. We only know, though, that Mullayangiri takes his name at the top of Mulappa Swamy from the temple. The sage meditated, according to the legend, on the grotto, just a few feet underneath the summit.


The summit Mullayangiri is one of the best places to walk and rejuvenate one of the cumbersome travelers. The hiking trail is known as Sarpadari. This picturesque Jungen trail should be on your trekking map if you like to wear a hiking boat very often. The experience of trekking is panoramic and enables you to experience how to stay away from town!


  1. Kadambi Falls


Kadambi falls in the Kudremukh National Park, Karnataka is a secluded natural marvel. One of the reasons is the abundance of greenery around this waterfall. The waterfall has a height of 30 feet and is best encountered in the Monsoon.


A classic example of the hidden gems of Chikmagalur. This waterfall. It offers a picnic get away from city life, visually delighting the rainforests of Karnataka. You can relax with a picnic basket by the waterfall or dip in to rejuvenate your body and soul.


  1. Kudremukh


The Kudremukh mountains, nestled on the majestic Western Ghats and known for the green and untouched mountains. Kannada is named after the second highest peak in Karnataka. On the mountainside, like the face of the four-legged beast, you can see the “horse’s face.”


  1. Hirekolale Lake


Hirekolale Lake is an authentic marvel in a peaceful setting and lush green mountains. Amazing sunsets make this quiet place among travelers a favorite. From here you can look at the majestic Mountains of Mullayangiri, making them a natural photographer’s postcard destination. The tranquility of Lake Hirekolale is a good reason to move away from the worldly life of their city.


The lake can be visited at any time of year, 10 km from Chikmagalur. Lake Hirekolale was initially created to supply Chikmagalur with water to the nearby villages and to assist with their irrigation.


  1. Jhari Falls


A popular tourist attraction is Jhari Waterfall, which is surrounded by a large green forest and coffee plantations. The butter-milk falls are a one-day picnic spot and a place to relax in magical, green surroundings in the Chikmagalur district.


The cascade is built by mountain springs. The pool below provides a place for relaxing, swimming, or having fun in the water. Situated in a magnificent natural environment, Jhari eco stay can best be experienced during the monsoons. Take a picnic in this place if you are ready to go a robust path to get to the waterfall.


  1. Coffee Plantations


You can’t resist traveling to the scenic coffee plantations in Chikmagalur when you have a coffee weakness. You will be weak on your knees by a stroll through the plantations and the scent of raw coffee beans. You will come to Chikmagalur’s local way of life by a holiday in rustic and old colonial coffee estates.


Cafe plantation owners and property owners arrange tours in which visitors learn about coffee history and processes. The Taj Garden, Jungle Green (black Coffee), etc… are some of the famous coffee plantations. 

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