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How to Clean Mattress Protector and a Weighted Blanket

How to Clean Mattress Protector and a Weighted Blanket

You have done your research on the best mattress protector for your needs and even decided on the personal use of a weighted blanket. Your room is complete, but your job caring for these items isn’t. How to wash a weighted blanket is probably one of your first questions, and how often should a mattress cover be cleaned.  These are just some of the care instructions you need to answer now. Here is a quick reference guide for use deciding exactly how to best maintain your new purchases. 

Cleaning a Mattress Protector

Your mattress protector may be the first line of defense against allergen, stains, and other use to your mattress. Particular mattresses such as foam may not require them for allergen, and pest control, such as traditional mattresses need. Obviously, the style and type of protector, topper, or cover you use might differ. Still, most of the care instructions below can be used for all forms of mattress protection. 


  • Clean Before Use


Taking a mattress protector straight out of the packaging and onto the bed might not be the right move. To remove any chemical, packing, or other residual, the first washing using the steps below should occur before the protector is applied to the mattress for the first time. This ensures a fresh, clean slate for your night’s sleep on a laundered mattress covering. 


  • Machine Wash


Depending on the material composition of your protector, use a delicate machine wash cycle for bamboo, rayon, or polyester and a regular cycle for heavier materials. Of course, you should read your instructions to ensure nothing in the care instructions explicitly forbids machine washing. Also, a mild detergent or cleaning agent to spot treat heavily soiled areas before putting in a washing machine should be undertaken. 


  • Drying – Best Case


By far, air drying mattress protectors are the best rule of thumb. When this is not feasible, add a tennis ball to the dryer along with the protector to expedite the drying process. Yes, a tennis ball, you will be surprised how much quicker it drys, and the material of the protector comes out wonderfully.


  • Cleaning Agents


Baking powder sprinkled on top of the protector, let set, and vacuumed may be an excellent alternative to freshen the protector. Also, spot treatments using vinegar can work between full machines washing to help keep the topper in prime condition. Finally, when you are washing in a machine, a mild detergent and bleach-free cleaner always ensures the material composition does not break down during cleaning. 

Cleaning a Weighted Blanket

With weighted blankets, cleaning might be a bit more complicated. Some blankets will come in a duvet cover, which makes removal and washing simple. Unfortunately, if this is not the style of blanket you chose, then there are a few tips and tips on how to wash a weighted blanket that should be followed. 


  • Bulk Matters


The weight of your blanket is specific to your needs and will also determine the best cleaning method. Any blankets exceeding twenty pounds should be taken to a laundromat for utilizing commercial machines. Also, remember that even if your blanket didn’t come with one, purchasing a duvet that is more readily removed and cleansed is a sound investment. 


  • Cleaning Agents


Never use fabric softeners on weighted blankets, and the detergent should be gentle. Softeners can build upon these blankets, actually making it less soft over time. Bleach should never be used as it also breaks down blanket fibers. 


  • Drying Options


Air drying can be an excellent option for weighted blankets, just ensure even distribution of weight on the line. Be aware most weighted blankets on the market are rated for machine drying. The pellets are made to sustain the heat well, the main difference in a machine versus air drying will be felt in the fabric durability over time. 


The washing requirements for both mattress protectors and weighted blankets remain relatively similar. Machine wash with mild detergents and air dry when possible. Drying in machines breaks down fibers on both these critical pieces of your sleep regime. With proper care and consideration, your mattress protector and weighted blanket will be carrying you comfortably off to dreamland for many years to come. 

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