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Reasons to do Leh Bike Trip



Leh is a heaven in disguise for bikers and is the best Himalayan town to explore natural beauty. It is well known for attractions like Magnetic Hill, the Khardung La Pass and the Hall of Fame. Leh is located at an attitude of 11,562 ft. It is a dream destination for many Indians and is pretty popular overseas as well. It is not only a destination for solo travelers but also welcomes young travellers, families and couples with a warm welcome. Leh is famous for the high altitude location and numerous passes which connects it to various locations. Going on a Leh bike trip is all about the good vibes. 


Best Time To Visit

The most ideal time to go on a bike trip in Leh is from the month of June to September. At this time the bikers get to enjoy the tourist circuits of Ladakh, and they enjoy their Lahaul and Spiti trip. This trip can be done anytime around the year except for monsoon season.



Leh is a cold desert and experiences long and cold winters from November end to early March, with minimum temperature below freezing point for most of the winter season. The city also has snowfall during winter sometimes. The weather during the rest of the months is nice and warm during the day time.


Reasons to do Leh bike trip


1.Get the opportunity to drive on snow

There are many places in Ladakh, where one can be sure of seeing snow. Passes like Khardung La, Kunzum La, Lachulung La, Nakee, LaChang La and Tanglang La that are at an height of more than 15000 feet might even have some snow in summers. So, do remember to carry a pair of snow chains to have your bike  grip the surface easily. You will not want to slip on the solidified ice because it will be very cold and it might hurt as well.


2.Perfect summer getaway

One of the most important reasons why people from other places go to the mountains is to escape the burning heat of summer. Ladakh is the perfect place to go to, to avoid getting overheated of yourself. Even when the sun is heating the plains, Ladakh stays almost untouched by the heat. Very rarely, the temperature goes above 25 degree Celsius in summer.


3.Camping in nature

One of the best perks of Leh bike trip is camping in the lap of nature. At evening when you pack up for the day and set up tent, you’ll find peace amidst the nature while sitting in your tent. You can look up at the stars and relax in your tent with your food. You can stop at Sarchu and Jispa to camp under the beautiful clear skies.


4.Stargazing and Sightseeing and photography 

The skies are clear for most of the time and you can spend your nights walking near your tent and gazing at the stars. You can spot the Milky way galaxy and many other constellations as well.

You’ll find a lot of photogenic places and you’d want to record yourself and click yourself in these places. You’d get to capture a lot of rare moments in this close proximity to nature.


5.Explore nearby places


  • Explore Nubra Valley

Serenity will consume your mind as soon as you reach the Nubra Valley. The valley is also popularly known as “the valley of flowers”. It is one of the best kept secrets of Ladakh that is worth a visit on your bike trip to Biking in Leh. 


  • The Shanti Stupa

Resting atop a hill, th Shanti stupa stands at an elevation of 4267 meters. Offering Palestine view of Leh, it is strongly recommended for the bikers who love to witness sunrise or sunset from the this beautiful place. The view will sweep you off of your feet and there is no doubt in that. It is the only place where you can find peace and tranquility along with breathtaking views that will heal your soul and bless your eyes. The stupa is a boon for the bikers and is located amidst wonderful surroundings of nature. You could find relics of Buddhism culture inside the shrine.


  • The Khardung La

All bikers who are planning a trip to Leh already have the ride to Khardunga La added to their list. Set at an elevation of 18,379 ft and located at a distance of approximately 40 kilometres from Leh, Khardung La Pass is known to be one of the most dangerous motorable roads of India. Your Leh Ladakh bike trip would be incomplete without a ride through the “Pass of Lower Castle”. This place challenges the bikers to their face. 


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